New Smokeless Cigarettes Celebrities Are Smoking For Weight Loss

New 2nd generation smokeless cigarettes have been just released. Celebrities are now smoking the Solar Cigarette due to it’s unique ability to help smokers stop smoking and lose weight at the same time. Find out why they are making the switch.

More and more smokers appear to be making the switch to smokeless cigarettes, including celebrities. But while most smokers want to quit cigarettes, the CEO has went ahead and given the ability for smokers to not only stop smoking, but in fact lose weight in the process.

The benefits of  Solar cigarettes

The benefits of Solar cigarettes

Celebrities are being found on television and in magazines with these new smokeless cigarettes.

“Smokeless cigarettes are on fire and more smart smokers are making the switch. The exciting news came when we saw the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” using the smokeless cigarettes.”

“While Solar Cigarette is the manufacturer of the smokeless cigarette, it is great news to see so many fresh faces learning and enjoying the smokeless cigarette.”

Solaris cigarette

Solaris cigarette

“Could it be “Puff the Magic Dragon” is making a comeback? Today’s smoking hot electronic cigarettes would make anyone wonder. Accent on magic. However far from smoke and mirrors, these electronic cigarettes have rapidly become embraced by Hollywood’s smoker diehards (seen both on and off screen), taking multiple hits on their new little friends – inhaling with joy while exhaling with relief. According to the top-ranked Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarettes, a U.S. leader in electronic cigarettes, their clear and present benefits are taking the drag out of taking your next drag – making it easy to understand why this ‘hot smoke’ and craze is taking Hollywood, and the public alike, with blow by blow ring on it.”

“As recently seen on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and also “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” these newfound electronic cigarettes (and must-have conversational accessory) are making it cool to smoke again – anywhere. Observing the millions who have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes, the world is increasingly drawing its own conclusions about getting all puffed up – in a good way.

Thanks to electronic cigarettes, and the particular lengths Smokeless Delite has taken to facilitate this new heated lifestyle, the future of cigarettes is clearly here – sans the social impropriety. As a cigarette without the bad odor, or any other ‘bad’ associated with regular cigarettes, the Smokeless Delites are blowing serious smoke signals of the variety pack. The smokeless electronic cigarettes now make it possible to enjoy a good smoke without the health risk or social contempt.

Losing extra pounds

Losing extra pounds

The new Solar Cigarette device is one of the only smokeless cigarettes which allows smokers to not only smoke a healthier cigarette, but also to assist them in losing the extra pounds. Smokers appear to be making the switch with new smoking ban laws and taxes on regular cigarettes.

About Smokeless Cigarettes:

Developing new innovations to offer smokers a new healthier experience in smoking. It’s 2nd generation device claims to help quit smoking as well as lose weight with it’s new patent pending health pack. Now smokers can smoke and get their dietary supplements all at once.

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