New Signs Inform About Coming Smoking Ban at Cumberland County

smoking-free signs

Dozens of new blue signs which inform smokers about smoking ban were installed last week in Cumberland County. Starting from January 1 a number of county properties that will be going smoke-free.

Donnie Robertson, the facilities management coordinator at Health Department, said that he didn’t want to make them red because the final signs will be red. The blue is still noticeable for exeryone on the streets.

Since 1993 smoking is already prohibited inside county buildings throughout the North Carolina state. It is prohibited to smoke within 25 feet of all buildings in Cumberland County. The nexy year there will be increased number of smoking-free areas. These will touch entire properties inluding  their parking lots. Individual departments can define smoking areas till the end of the year.

In the list are included next buildings: all library branches,  Social Services, Health Department and the E. Newton Smith Center, which keeps the county employee wellness center and the Board of Elections.

However, the courthouse isn’t included in this list, though it was discussed. Therefore smoking cigarettes is allowed more than 25 feet from the entrances there.
In a recent note to employees, James Martin, County Manager, said that Cumberland county wants to reduce the negative effects of smoking among county employees and abolish secondhand smoke exposure for all citizens.

During the next three months the county will provide free seminars on quitting smoking for its employees.

A survey made in 2010 revealed that 18.2% of Cumberland County residents do smoke. This is lower than on average in the whole state (19.8%). Wilson says that 5 – 10% of county employees smoke and there hasn’t been any pushback from Health Department employees.

For example, Abigail Thompson, who smokes cigarettes, said she’ll have no problem with the new rules.


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