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In England there was developed a new interactive website to help low-income people to quit smoking. The talk is about StopAdvisor.

Health experts say that low-income people may be left out when it comes to innovations in wellness and health. From the new online platform poor people do benefit more than those with high income.

Jamie Brown of the Health Behaviour Research Centre in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London conducted a study which found that high smoking rates are registered among low-income population, and namely this category of people has problems with quitting. The reasons for this phenomenon are unknown.

Jamie Brown says that these people make a lot of attempts to quit but do not succeed in many cases. He supposes that this happens due to lifestyle of this category of people, who face daily a lot of problems. Normally, low-income people buy cigarettes online from

StopAdvisor  is a guide providing full information about quitting along with quit smoking plans.

The site provides behavior-change techniques which help to set goals and plan actions around a quit date. Smoker will find out what medicines may help him o quit, and how to use them properly.

The site offers necessary info about how to fight cravings after achieving target quit date, how to cope with difficulties with quitting by explainng their reasons. Once smoker achieves quit date, he gets emails remainding about his goals. At this phase he will have access to other resources on the site including dealing with stress and fighting urges for smoking.

Today when Internet is widely used by population, such sites are welcome as they provide quit smoking help for everyone anytime, especially it is important for those who have no access to behavioral support.

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