New Law Bans Smoking on Hospital Grounds In New York


Last week a new law passed through the Legislature. It would ban smoking cigarettes on and around hospital grounds and nursing homes in the entire New York state.

The law has the name of A.1115-a/S.1987-a and was proposed by D-Rockland, Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe and Sen. Jack Martins, R-Mineola.

The law is going to prohibit smoking cigarettes not only on hospital campus grounds but also in areas within fifteen feet of hospitals and nursing homes where run their property lines.

Hospitals are places where people get treatments from their different diseases and these places should be smoking-free in order to help people feel better on fresh air. Many studies have proved that secondhand smoke has negative effects on human body.

The new anti-smoking law passed in the Assembly. Only one senator (Betty Little, R-Queensbury ) voted against it. The senators who voted for this law adoptation, say this is a very important protection in hospitals and nursing homes because it will protect patients from secondhand smoke. This will be a great step forward to making  New Yorkers healthier.

The supporter of the law, The American Lung Association, met with enthusiasm this anti-smoking initiative.

The president of American Lung Association, Jeff Seyler, says that it is no good when a patient comes to the hospital through clouds of smoke in its ground or when he stays for getting treatment at a residential health care facility.

The law will be sent to Gov. Cuomo for his signature and if he will approve this law, it will come into effect in 90 days.

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