New Anti-Smoking Legislation Proposed in Queensland

Smoking Man at Bus Stop

In Queensland, Australia, there were proposed new anti-smoking laws which will make it more difficult for smokers to light up.

Cameron Dick,  Health Minister, told that there was proposed to prohibit smoking on city’s bas stations, children’s sporting events, in and around childcare centres and other public zones.

The city already banned smoking in restaurants, clubs, pubs, workplaces. Besides this, tobacco use is not allowed in outdoor eating areas, stadiums, beaches.

Cameron Dick explains that the new smoking bans are needed because in Queensland there was increased number of cases of smoking related diseases. Not only smoking itself but also secondhand smoke do present a particular hazard for people and they should be aware about it. The Australian government tokk a serious action to support those wanting to quit and create comfortable smoke-free zones for those who do not smoke.

Jeff Dunn,  Cancer Council Queensland chief executive Professor, told that the new anti-smoking legislation will help to make an important step forward to a smoke-free state. It will encourage more smokers stop their habit, protect people from secondhand smoke and prevent young people from initiation.

Protection of young people from tobacco is a priority for Australian government as it will help country to grow up healthier generations.

The proposed anti-smoking laws are going to be discussed in the parliament in November.

New anti-smoking legislation proposed in Queensland:
– smoking to be banned at skate parks, sporting events for kids, national parks, childcare centres, public swimming pools, public transport stops,  aged care facilities;
– ban on sales of cigarettes at music festivals;
– smoking to not be aloowed within five meters outside government, non-residential and commercial buildings;
– local council will get the power to prohibit smoking in other public spaces.

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