Menthol Smokers Are Twice-Addicted

A research, led this month, subsidized by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, reveals the habits of menthol cigarette smokers. 616 adult smokers form the USA participated in the research. Among them there are 308 menthol cigarette smokers and 308 regular cigarette smokers. The study included 252 African American smokers – 152 menthol smokers and 100 regular smokers.

Menthol smoker

African Americans disproportionately smoke menthol cigarettes. The research displays that menthol smokers are “twice-addicted” both to the menthol and to the tobacco. The taste and sensation from menthol cigarettes are the most attractive to them. 73 percent of menthol smokers consider that it is easier for them to breathe in menthol, while 40 percent indicate the single cause they smoke is menthol flavoring.
Besides, 82 percent of menthol smokers say that if menthol cigarettes are prohibited, they will try to quit.

Almost all menthol smokers in the research said they want to quit. But it seemed that they even have not tried to do this in comparison with regular smokers. Smokers should have interest to quit. “It is necessary to inform and teach smokers about accessible methods such as consultation and nicotine replacement therapy, which are proven techniques for providing success rates”, said Cedric Bright*, M.D., president-elect of the National Medical Association.

According to information from the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 82 percent of African-Americans select menthol cigarettes compared with 25 percent of adult smokers of other races. The interrogation revealed that 25% of African-American menthol respondents have not wanted trying nicotine replacement therapy because they did not know enough about it, or they consider they can stop smoking suddenly themselves. In actual fact, there are only five percent that smokers, who try to quit themselves suddenly, can achieve success. Consultations together with nicotine replacement therapy can multiply by two a smoker’s chances of successfully quitting.

Another survey reveals that menthol smokers consume fewer cigarettes a day versus those who smoke common cigarettes. However, the number of cigarettes smoked a day does not depend on what level of treatment a smoker should select. Menthol smokers who want to stop smoking should know their smoking behaviors when selecting the nicotine replacement therapy dosage, such as for example when they smoke their first cigarette of the day.

Last month a new research was introduced at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco. It showed that with the NRT smokers must choose their dosage in accordance with their time to first cigarette in comparison with the number of cigarettes they smoke a day. The research demonstrated higher quit rates for those smokers who used their time to first cigarette resource.

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