Lorillard Received FDA Approval for New Products

lorillard-received FDA-approval-for-new-products

This week Lorillard Inc. declared that is has received from FDA a notification about two of its tobacco products (non-menthol cigarettes) that were found “substantially equivalent” to tobacco products previously permitted to be sold on the USA market.

The finding made by FDA allows Lorillard to start marketing of the new products, which do correspond to all requirements of regulated tobacco products.  The FDA got the authority to regulate tobacco products in 2009.

Lorillard is the third largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the USA. It was created in 1760 and is the oldest tobacco company in the USA. Lorillard is famous for production of Kent cigarettes.

This case is absolutely without precedent as nothing similar never happend before. Now FDA gave for the first time an approval for cigarettes. Lorillard is the only tobacco company which has received such marketing approval through the substantially equivalent pathway. The manufacturer intends to launch its new non-menthol cigarettes to adult smokers in the nearest future.

The representatives of the tobacco company say they are glad their tobacco products received the authorization from FDA and their products are substantially equivalent to existing tobacco products currently marketed. They said they are happy to be first company in US tobacco industry to be approved by such an authority. The company representatives add they believe that the research made in the field by FDA reflects sound science. This is an important step forward.

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