Latest Smoking Ban Poll in Kentucky


Recently the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky made a poll whose results appear to demonstrate widespread support for a statewide smoking ban including restaurants and bars and support for anti-smoking policies in local communities that already have implemented their various policies.

The question in the poll: “Would you favor or oppose a law in Kentucky that would ban smoking in public places, including public buildings, workplaces, restaurants, offices, and bars?”  The majority o respondents told “yes.”

Those who proposed statewide smoking law are aware that when they provide a choice in such polls, the majority of people would favor smoking bans in public places but not on privately owned property.

A big number of government buildings have already implemented smoke free policies because citizens often visit them. And even most privately owned public places have already banned smoking in order to make air cleaner for the customers and workers. .

McDonald’s and The Crazy Fox have prohibited smoking long ago, when there was no official statewide law that prohibits smoking.  This all happened without a statewide law.

Another question in the poll: “Where do respondents live?”  The answers on it showed the differences in views on various subjects. For example, people from urban areas may have different views than people in rural areas.

According to Susan Zepeda, the foundation’s president and CEO, smoking ban laws are needed for people to quit smoking or to keep from returning to the habit. Zepeda, who smoked in her past, stopped after the Surgeon General said it is harmful.   Kentucky’s smoking rates are lowering without a statewide ban which shows the effectiveness of such warnings.

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