Kiosks to obtain new look as tobacco display ban takes effect

Tobacco Display

Cigarette kiosks in Scotland’s bigger stores and markets will soon enough obtain a very distinctive look

The Scottish authorities’ ban on the cigarettes display, and other tobacco products, takes effect on April 29 this year.

According to the new regulations, which are part of The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010, bigger shops must guarantee that tobacco products are not sold on the tobacco displays where they can be seen by everybody and it also establishes a limitation on the size of any temporary display.

Tobacco products vending machines will also be prohibited on the same day.

Smaller retailers will be allowed until April 6, 2015, to conform to the ban on tobacco displays as they may need additional time to make the required modifications on cigarette deals.

Councillor Tom Cook, Spokesperson for Improving Community Safety stated “The Trading Standards Service is in charge locally for guaranteeing compliance with the new regulations and our Officers have been dealing with businesses affected providing advice during the transition period. They will be visiting again in due course to ensure compliance.

“These new regulations are part of a persisted range of actions being launched by the Scottish authorities in their commitment to protect the health and welfare of people. It is considered these measures will discourage the younger generation from starting smoking and help to assist those who are trying to stop smoking.”

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