Kids Around World Recognize Logos of Cigarette Brands


The marketing of cigarette brands has successfully reached children most of all in low- and middle-income countries.

Study made in 1991 revealed that 91 percent of 6-year-old children surveyed were able to precisely identify Old Joe, the cartoon character representing Camel cigarettes. The figure is equal to the number of children who precisely identified Mickey Mouse and the Disney Channel logo.

Recent study found that efforts of tobacco manufacturers to reach young kids in low- and middle-income countries turned to be effective The results of the study were published online in Pediatrics, Thus the study found that 68% of 2,400 kids aged 5 and 6 from India, Brazil, China, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan identified correctly at least one cigarette brand logo when playing a matching game created specially for the purpose to see children’s familiarity between logos and objects.

The authors of the study are Joanna Cohen and Dina Borzekowski from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. They say that studies made in past years have demonstrated that children with high exposure to and awareness levels of tobacco marketing are more likely to smoke cigarettes in their adult age.

The authors say that it is necessary to impose stronger regulations of tobacco products in order to better protect kids from cigarettes. They suggest to remove logos from cigarettes packs, change the quantity, location and types of tobacco retailers, and establish minimum distances between the retailers and places which visit young kids. Besides this, the authors suggest changing how onscreen smoking images reach children and alerting parents and guardians to this “mature content” in programming.

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