Kenya Will Reduce Smoking by 5 Percent

The majority of research studies declare that smoking in Africa would double over the next twelve years, thus the Kenyan government decided to fight against this habit and decrease it by 5 percent by 2015.

Tobacco use in the country among men had already decreased from 23 % in 2003 to 18% in 2008/09, according to Dr William Maina, the Head of Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Division of Non Communicable Diseases.

Reduce women smoking

However, Dr Maina underlined that women picked up the habit faster than men that is why appeared the need to start campaigns in order to fight against it.

“So what do we mean by this? We don’t want people to stand idle and rely on only us. Our target is to gradually decrease smoking by 5 % in five years so in order to more to 13%,” he noted.

He also added that government will adopt a framework that would begin a tobacco cessation program at once in order to help smokers kick this harmful habit.

“Tobacco use among teenagers has increased to 18.6 % as they suppose that smoking makes them sexier, stylish and cool. And one thing you know is that cigarettes contain nicotine that makes people addicted to tobacco for life,” he stated.

Also the increase in the number of smokers can be related to illegal tobacco market that is going quite well in Kenya. The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Division of Non Communicable Diseases would combine efforts with the state tax collector to guarantee that the delinquents were detained.

“You may suppose that tobacco production industry is not too high but we certainly know that an essential amount of cigarettes enter the country trough illicit trade. These data are even not available at the Kenya Revenue Authority, “he stated.

Dr. Maina indicted moderate cigarette sellers of ignoring the government indications not to sell single cigarette sticks.

“In conformity with Tobacco Control Act the sale of tobacco in sticks is prohibited, cigarettes should be bough in a packet of not less than 10. This act also bans sale of tobacco products through automatic vending machines, as we want the retailers to ascertain the age of their consumer,” he stated.

Smoking raised poverty in the country because of the number of death in caused: “This habit causes various types of cancers and we all know that cancer treatment is very expensive so most of those who are affected are the poor”.

Dr. Maina warned smokers and called them to quick this habit as it jeopardizes their health. He also added that smoking is mostly dangerous for women due to their genetic make up.

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