Kent County Discusses Smoking Ban in Parks

Smoking in Park

In the Kent County, Michigan, there was proposed to ban smoking in all parks.

At the moment the proposal is under the review of Council.

According to Keith Mumford, the county’s parks and recreation director, the smoking ban is going to touch only 6 city parks including Browns Branch Park in Harrington, Brecknock Park in Camden, Big Oak Park in Smyrna.

The smoking ban would touch cigars, cigarettes, snuff. However, it is unclear yet if e-cigarettes will be included too.

Over the year park many visitors adressed to the authorities a number of compalints regarding smoking in parks. Most of them were people with kids who come to parks to playgrounds and are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. Therfore, present smoking ban is welcomed by the majority of Kent county residents.

Kate, mother of Amanda, often come to their local park and last time she saw a man smoking on the other side of the fence and all tobacco smoke was going into the park. Kate wants that her kid along with other children to be protected in parks from tobacco smoke. But smokers say that there must be created designated areas where they could smoke their Winston cigarettes.

The authorities say that they are informed about the effects of secondhand smoke inhale and want everyone to be aware about it. Residents and visitors should inhale a pure and fresh air in public parks, and there must be no smoking permitted. Kids will be healthier if they grow on a healthy environment.

The county parks and recreation  department has developed programs for living healthy lives for the residents of all ages and smoking ban is part of it.

However, the fines for breaking the ban were not discussed yet. There is no official way in Kent county to fine violations and the authorities say that the offendors will be told to butt out.

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