Kate Middleton smoking to deal with wedding stress

KATE Middleton has developed a nasty habit as she deals with the stress of her upcoming wedding to Britain’s Prince William!

Deals with wedding stress

Deals with wedding stress

“Only Princess Diana could understand the amount of pressure this young girl is experiencing,” an insider told the PopEater website.

“It’s been billed as the wedding of the century, when in realty it is just young kids that are at the center of it. No one should be put under this sort of pressure.

“The fact that she’s smoking again isn’t helping.

“She has always enjoyed an occasional cigarette — which suppresses her appetite — and has tried to give it up several times as William hates it. However, as the wedding gets closer and closer, she is smoking more and more.”

Recent reports claimed Kate has told singer-turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham that she wants to wear her evening dresses during her honeymoon.

Middleton phoned the former Spice Girl to say she loved her outfits after the pregnant mum of three sent a selection of her spring/summer collection.

Kate also asked Victoria for general advice on evening wear during the romantic break after her wedding.

“Victoria is thrilled Kate loved her dresses and was only too happy to give her fashion tips,” a source said.

‘The ladies get on very well and Vic can’t believe she is helping to dress the future Queen.”

Last month Victoria told how she admired Kate, saying, “She is a beautiful young girl, she has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully. I would be honored if she were to wear my designs.”

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