Kansas City Raised Tobacco Buying Age to 21

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Kansas City and Wyandotte County decided to prohibit sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to young people under 21. The change aims to curb youth smoking by keeping teens and kids from picking up the habit

Kansas was a leading city in the metro area and it with the majority of votes approved a law which raises legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21.

In several hours, the Board of Commissioners of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, followed the example.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce told they believe that other cities in Kansas state will be inspired by the initiative and will join the move to make the metro area the second largest in the USA having such a law.

Scott Taylor, Kansas City Councilman told before voting that the initiative was proposed by the local community. Similar move was made in some other regions but they are not many, therefore Kansas pretends to be a leader.

Many adult smokers showed their support for the action as they wished they had never started smoking. 95% smokers become addicted to nicotine before age 21 and teenage smokers tend to get cigarettes easily from 18-year-olds who are permitted to buy them. Increasing legal age to 21 will help to stop this practice.

Mark Holland, the Kansas Mayor, told that the new initiative in Kansas City will send  a strong message across the metropolitan area.

Last month a number of organizations launched Tobacco 21/KC campaign with the aim to promote in the metro area the idea of necessity of raising tobacco buying age to 21. So the activists said Kansas City made a very important step towards healthy living.

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