John Dalli: Ban on tobacco products production would not be a good idea at the moment

Sofia. “I do not think that at the moment it would be a good idea to impose a ban on the production of tobacco products and to regulate it as a crime,” said European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli during his visit at the Bulgarian National Assembly, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.

John Dalli

John Dalli during his visit at the Bulgarian National Assembly

He added there were some cautionary examples in the history about such cases when a government decided to impose a ban on dangerous products, such as the ban on alcohol in America, which led to boom of the organised crime.
“We try to explain to people the harm caused by smoking cigarettes. Secondly, we want to guarantee that those people, who do not smoke, do not have to suffer from having smokers next to them. We will continue with the legal measures. This year we will come out with a new proposal, in order to make smoking more and more unattractive,” the European commissioner said.
“Many initiatives have been launched and they are all to the benefit of the citizens. The most important initiative in 2012 concerns the measures against the Antimicrobial Resistance,” Dalli added.

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