Japan Tobacco International opens smoking lounges in Frankfurt airport

Camel Lounge Frankfurt

Four new smoking lounges have been opened in Frankfurt Airport. The new smoking areas are presented in Camel-themed variants.

Japan Tobacco International together with airport operator Fraport has launched four Camel-branded smoking lounges in the new Pier A-plus at Frankfurt International airport terminal one. The launch of the lounges is the second one after the launching of the first JTI smoking lounge in T1 transit area B in August. The Frankfurt airport now offers 220sq m of smoking areas for about 12m smoking transit travelers annually with an additional five smoking areas fixed to launch soon.

JTI consumer and trade marketing vice-president worldwide duty free Ming Lee Foo told DFNIonline: “The long-term collaboration with Fraport began with smoking stations, developed into cabins. It has been a productive collaboration.

Ming Lee Foo added that the great factor for the airport is that they can offer great areas for smoking travelers which present around a fifth of the traveling population.

Japan Tobacco International general manager and vice-president worldwide duty-free business David Francis commented: “The smoking lounge idea turned out to be a win-win option for every person. Smoking people can get pleasure from a cigarette break in a specified place, while non-smokers can appreciate a smoke-free atmosphere. Because of this Frankfurt airport is recognised for its devotion to passenger service.”

Concerning responsibility for the service-sponsoring principle, which was given to Fraport subsidiary Media Frankfurt GmbH, Media Frankfurt general manager Simone Schwab stated: “It has been chosen this idea to fulfill the requirements of all travelers. While smoking is normally not allowed in terminals, specially designated smoking lounges are the excellent option for smokers and non-smokers. Smoking lounges are especially vital in transit places for connecting travelers.”

Frankfurt airport first launched smoking lounges for adult smoking people in 2005 determined by the JTI idea and based on the supplier it has kept pace with all JTI developments in the field since. It today brings together a select set of airports offering travelers with an improved smoking atmosphere before boarding, including Dubai, Geneva, Moscow and Munich.

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