Indiana has Highest Smoking Rates in the USA


In the course of fifty years many things may happen. Thus 50 years ago there was no Internet but smoking was cool and more than 40% of Americans smoked.

In January 1964, the American surgeon general  Luther Terry released the first government report saying smoking causes a number of diseases. It was expected that people would refuse from smoking and it would disappear in future.

However, people continue to smoke even if they know the effects of it. Numerous studies do connect smoking to lung disease, heart problems, breast cancer and other health problems,

The surgeon general is expected to release a report at the end of the week with a review of past 50 years and recommendations for the next 50 years.  According to Dr. Stephen J. Jay, a professor of public health and medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, today there are 43 million smokers in the USA.

If  Luther Terry, the author of 1964 report, was alive today he would have been surprised at how many people still smoke. Michael Terry, the son of  Luther Terry, say that his father would be disappointed. Luther Terry died in 1985. When he released his report his son was in high school.

About 19% of American adults smoke and Indiana is in top 10 for the percentage of smokers. More pregnant women in Indiana smoke in comparison with the rest of the country.

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