In Ireland More Employed People Smoke After the Smoking Ban


Since the smoking ban was introduced in Ireland, individuals who are unemployed do smoke much less. However, among the employed people the situation did not change at all.

Recently there was published an ESRI working paper by Michael Savage. It reveals how smoking ban affected people who smoke cigarettes. To note that the numbers were based on National Tobacco Control Board figures up to middle of 2008. The major conclusion that was made in the course of the paper is that the smoking ban had little or no effects on reducing smoking among employed individuals.

In 2004 the ban of smoking gave employed smokers an additional motivation to quit their habit and the major goal of the present report is to find out the way such measure workes for people.

Thus the report reveals that employed smokers were not touched by the ban.

The workplace smoking ban did not induce a greater reduction in smoking prevalence compared to any of the control groups in the analysis. In fact, the evidence suggests a significantly larger decrease in smoking prevalence among the non-workers relative to the employed.

Back in 2002, 22.9% of employees smoked, however, by 2007 the number was raisen and constitued almost 24.8%. As to unemployed people,  46.4% smoked before the ban, but 0.5% stopped after introduction of the ban.

The report says that by the middle of 2007 the National Tobacco Control Board was reporting a 95% compliance level with the smoking ban. They claim that the smoking ban achieved success in cutting passive smoking which was its initial goal. In spite of additional motivation for smoking people to quit smoking, unemployed people showed better results in quitting their habit.

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