Imperial Tobacco opens airside smoking balcony at Birmingham Airport

Airside Smoking Balcony

Imperial Tobacco, the UK’s largest cigarette manufacturer, informed about the opening of a state of the art airside smoking zone. The smoking area will be situated at Birmingham Airport.

According to Imperial Tobacco, smoking people who use services of Birmingham Airport can now enjoy smoking of their tobacco products freely. Neither wind nor rain in a dedicated area can disturb smoking process. The smoking area is situated near the airport’s new departure lounge bar. Smoking area is purpose-built premise and has unique equipment. There are lighting, shelter, hand gel and litter solutions in the smoking zone. In order to keep comfortable place and ensure travelers about their flights, smoking area provides a departures board.

Airside Smoking Balcony

The Smoking Allowed ‘Airside Smoking Balcony’ at Birmingham Airport

Imperial Tobacco’s ‘Smoking Allowed’ initiative, a high-profile program that is oriented to maintain adult smokers in the UK, was used for the development of the new smoking area.

General Manager at Imperial Tobacco, Amal Pramanik, said that the tobacco company assumed commitment to maintain those 12 million UK smoking adults. Pramanik added that they take into account the opinions and preferences of smoking consumers across the country to know the levels of support they demand.

Pramanik continued that in November 2011 the tobacco company launched ‘Smoking Allowed’, a campaign that suggests projects and activities to maintain smoking people when they are travelling, working and have their leisure time.

Over the past few months the UK’s cigarette manufacturer have been dealing with organizations across the country to ameliorate smoking zone equipment for adult smoking consumers and the new smoking zone at Birmingham Airport is the company’s latest success story.

According to the data, about 9 million passengers use services of Birmingham Airport each year and the Imperial Tobacco have cooperated with the Airport on its terminal extension plans to be sure that they could provide the Airside Smoking Balcony for adult smokers.

In accordance with the tobacco company, travelers are in raptures over the smoking area and the it is a amazing addition to their ‘Smoking Allowed’ programme. The programme is really achieving success and the tobacco company is going to deal with a number of high profile locations across the UK as they continue to provide high-class support for UK adult smokers.

Richard Gill, Birmingham Airport’s Head of Commercial, said that Imperial Tobacco provides quality equipment for all Birmingham Airport’s passengers. Gill added that they are glad to be able to open such area for those who chose to smoke in reply to survey the airport conducted to reveal what facilities their customers would like to see at Birmingham Airport.

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