Imperial Tobacco introduces JPS Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco JPS Tobacco

Starting April, Imperial Tobacco, the maker of Davidoff cigarettes, is introducing JPS Tobacco that has been particularly produced for adult smoking people to make their own cigarettes by means of a ‘cigarette making’ kit.

Sue Tranter, Consumer Marketing Manager at Imperial Tobacco says that the company is constantly exploring the choices of adult smokers in the UK, and other related markets, to ensure their category-leading portfolio precisely mirrors the category dynamics.

“In the present economic conditions, the popular down-trading tendency has grown as more adult smoking people are moving down through the cigarette price sectors and a considerable number now choose cheaper alternative tobacco alternatives.

“Information gathered from this process have shown to the company that the UK is ready for JPS Tobacco which, after buying the tobacco company, enables smokers to make 20 quality King Size cigarettes for £3.87. 12 million UK adults presently prefer to smoke tobacco and the present economic climate have pushed many smokers to look at illegal methods.

“This brand introduction will confirm that cost-sensible smokers, who buy tobacco from illegal tobacco dealers, will take into account purchasing from legitimate dealers again as the JPS brand provides them with a quality reassurance supported by the heritage and value for which JPS is well known.”

The JPS cigarette making kit can be bought at a suggested retail price of £6.99 and includes a 14g pack of JPS Tobacco, 100 King Size cigarette filter tubes and a cigarette maker. Each component of the kit can also be purchased separately. If sold separately, the RRPs are: JPS Tobacco £3.67; Make Your Own Tubes 99p for 100 and Make Your Own cigarette maker £3.09.

Sue says; “Imperial Tobacco has received important observations both locally and internationally from markets with trends the same as the UK. The new JPS Tobacco of Imperial offers consumers the quality and heritage of JPS at a good price proposition. This launch will also support retailers by encouraging smokers to turn their backs on illegal traders and buy tobacco in legitimate outlets.”

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