Hartford City Passed a Smoking Ban

Smoking Young Man

City Council in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 11 with the majority of votes (19-2) passed an ordinance prohibiting smoking in city’s parks and recreational areas.

However, this may be not last word on the subject, because there do exist questions on the ordinance enforcement.

Resident Ed Burdick considers that the ordinance is poorly drafted, because it does not include e-cigarettes that are extremely popular among youth. Also smoking marijuana in parks may have a particular impact on the new ordinance enforcement.

Burdick said that it would be a good idea to organize a meeting with residents to inform them about the initiative and hear their opinions on that.

The new anti-smoking ordinance in Hartford prohibits use of all forms of tobacco in city’s parks and recreational areas. The talk is about the Little League complex, Veterans’ Memorial Park, and Camputaro Athletic Field on Sheldon Road. Those violating the ordinance will have to pay a $50 fine.

The smoking ban was proposed by Griswold Recreation Director Ryan Aubin. He explained that it is important to create a smoke-free environment for kids. Secondhand smoke is expecially bad for children. Smoking ban will help to create a healthy social norm for everyone.
Carol Morrow,  recreation commission member, told that in all parks there will be created smoking ares where smokers could light up.

Resident Phil Flowers noted that the ordinance say nothing about these areas, and he is against them.  In its turn Aubin explained that smoking areas will be created only during big city events and not every day.

There was proposed to include school grounds in the ordinance in order to protect children from secondhand smoke. Selectman Steve Mikutel told that the board will implement the existing smoking ban without modifications. It comes into effect on September 10 and there is going to be installed no-smoking signs.

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