Hammond City Wants to Eliminate Smoking in Public Places

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This week in the city of Hammond, Louisiana, are taking place public hearings on the proposal to prohibit smoking in public spaces and all workplaces.

The proposal to adopt such a smoking ban came on April 7 and aims to protect people from effects of secondhand smoke.

The proposal includes smoking ban in private cluns, motel and hotel rooms, shopping malls, 5 feet of public buildings, recreational areas. In case the ban would be adopted, the reposnsability of its enforcement will lie totally on police. People caught smoking in prohibited places would pay a fine of $50.

In case a business violates the law by allowing smoking in its establishment, it would be subjected to a fine of $100 for the first offence, $200 for the second offence and $500 for third offence. In case of multiple violations the establishment may even lose its license.

Mark Franatovich, owner of Perfectly Fit Sports, told he supports the proposed smoking ban because he owns fitness store and health screening company. He is a big fan of healthy lifestyle and dislikes smoking. Most of all he worries that the smoking ban would not be enforced accordingly.

The University of Michigan analyzed the effects of the May 2010 Smoke Free Air Law and revealed that smoking ban in restaurants and bars had not affected businesses.

Hammond  is not the only American city which wants to totally eliminate tobacco smoke from public places. Such cities as New York, San Antonio, Chicago and San Jose are also fighting smoking with same methods. The experience of New York city showed that when smoking was banned in restaurants, the nicotine levels dropped there by 85%.

Experts claim that best way to protect workers from secondhand smoke exposure is to ban smoking at workplaces.

According to the Louisiana Adult Tobacco Survey conducted in 2013, in the Hammond area 85.3% of adults are nonsmokers.

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