Great American Smokeout is Coming

Quit Smoking

This week in the USA will take place the Great American Smokeout as it is held on third Thursday of November.

On this day smokers are encouraged to quit smoking at least for one day and make a plan to quit for good.

The latest New York statistics shows that despite smoking rates drop in the country, still there are groups which show no decline in smoking rates. The talk is about:
– people with income below $15,000: among them 1 in 4 smokes;
– people with an education less than a high school diploma: among them 1 in 4 smokes;
– people with some menthal problems: among htem 1 in 3 smokes.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute reveals that Western New York has the highest smoking rate in the state, including 26% in Erie County and 27% in Niagara County. Tobacco use still remains the cause of a number of smoking related diseases. It was estimated that annually almost 600,000 New Yorkers do suffer from these diseases.

According to County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein, most popular disease related to smoking is lung cancer. Quitting at any age will do benefit to overall health, therefore quitiing is so important these days. Quitting smoking reduces health risks associated with tobacco use

Anthony Billoni, head of Tobacco-Free Western New York, said the Great American smokeout helped to change American’s attotude towards smoking and promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

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