Publicis Dialog «Dressed up» Glamour Superslims for a Trip to Paris

The group of Publicis United creative agencies has developed a “designer” package of popular Glamour Superslims cigarettes specifically for national promocampaign “Your fashion capital –is Paris”, which was launched in spring 2009.

It will be remembered that in 2008 the Publicis Dialog and Publicis United agency won the tender for creative services and BTL of well-known international brand Glamour Superslims. In 2009, the Agency continued successful partnership with JTI Russia, and the developed design of the packs under the new promocampaign is a clear confirmation.

Glamour Superslims packs

Glamour Superslims packs

Promocampaign Glamour Superslims was across the country. It began in March and ended in June 2009. The campaign was held under the slogan “Your fashion capital is Paris. The main prize of the action was shopping in France with a professional stylist. A trip to Paris for the winners was planned to the autumn of 2009.

According to the brief, the tasks of the agency were to create the original design of the pack which distinguishes it from its competitors, to give name to promocampaign designed for adult consumers, and, of course, to convey a message to the audience about the grand prize of national promotions, which will be a trip to Paris for shopping with personal stylist. All elements of the campaign had to correspond with the Glamour Superslims brand image.

The well-known brand has positioned itself in the fashion and style field. It is not the first time when Glamour Superslims brand is a partner of Fashion Week in Moscow. Together with Russian designers the brand creates original collections of accessories in the style of Glamour, which subsequently can be won during large-scale promotions. Since the brand is filled with fashionable themes and packs, it was decided to perform packs in the style of design sketches.

The new packaging was original and memorable.

“We have done major efforts on the study of various styles in which the fashion illustrators work. After all, it was necessary to find a style that is the most appropriate for our brand. As a result, it was born an interesting stylistic decision: illustration, as if tissued from a kaleidoscope of lace. The themes of Paris, fashion and fashion parade are harmoniously combined on the packaging, “- said Olga Zabolotskaya, the creative director of Publicis Dialog, about the creative research of the agency.

“Fashion” packs of Glamour Superslims can be seen in the point of sales during the national promoprogram in the period from March 15 to June 30, 2009.

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