Fewer Smoking Scenes in Movies Nominated for Oscar 2015

Di Caprio Smoking

Would you like to know how much smokier are films nominated for Oscar this year in comparison with past years?

Movies nominated for Oscar in 2014 are a kind of departure from past years when films nominated for Oscar awards normally had more smoking scenes than films as a whole. Generally, the persentage of Oscar-nominated smoking movies remains the same, but the persentage of smoking scenes in films is lower.

Films nominated for Oscar awards make a small part of annual 140-160 best movies. Specialists give an R-rate to movies which have smoking scenes. This helps studio campaigns to protect nominations for less “prestige” movies in hopes of increasing their income.

You may note that past years most among nominated movies were biographical ones. However, in 2014 a small number of movies contained smoking. It was estimated that in 2011-2013, 100 percent of nominated biographical movies had smoking scenes while in 2014 it was only 75 percent.

Among 20 actors nominated for Oscar, 16 have used cigarettes in other movie roles. In 2015 only 5 actors smoked in nominated films, and among them only one role was based on real personality (American Sniper, R), and only one is youth-rated (Boyhood, PG-13).

Smoke Free Movies will continue to R-rate movies with smoking, except biographical movies showing real personages.

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