Eva Longoria Parker is a Desperate Smoker

Eva Longoria Parker has a secret, and for once it has nothing to do with a secret affair with the gardener, or anything as over-the-top as what her character Gabrielle Solis gets up to on “Desperate Housewives”. It seems that Eva Longoria has finally been caught-wait for it-SMOKING. Apparently…

Desperate smoker

Desperate smoker

It seems that Eva Longoria has finally been caught-wait for it-SMOKING. Apparently, because Longoria isn’t in the habit of shoving her cigarettes into camera lenses, she’s being deemed a “closet smoker,” and we’re all supposed to act like she was pulling a fast one on us, but got totally busted.

Longoria Parker was snapped smoking cigarettes while vacationing in Puerto Rico where she was attending the wedding of “Without a Trace” star Roselyn Sanchez.

According to the New York Daily News, Longoria has been trying to keep her smoking a secret, only allowing herself to smoke in public on several occasions.

Says X-17 owner Dave Navarre, “She hates to be photographed smoking. But we get her once in a while.” Or maybe she just doesn’t smoke that much? Or she only smokes in Puerto Rico?

Either way, who cares? While we’re all for healthy living, we’re talking about a grown woman, not a high-school cheerleader who we caught behind the bleachers with a pack of Marlboros.

The Daily News reports that Lauren Conrad is also a closet smoker-the reality television starlet is never filmed smoking on the show.

Ashlee Simpson also reportedly smoked before getting pregnant, but went to great lengths to hide it. Well, now that we know that these two smoke, we’re going to smart smoking tomorrow.

We can’t think of two better women to blindly model our lives after. If these women are going to smoke, we say go the Britney Spears route.

Grab your trucker hats, your packs of Marlboro Reds, and show the world you just don’t care–sure, your image may suffer a bit–but several years from now, just think about the compelling documentary you’ll be sobbing through on MTV.

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