European Cigarettes and Tobacco becomes more and more popular

Tobacco Cigarettes

Western European cigarettes are highly searched in Europe and on the American continent. Cigarettes of this origin have a great success and demand in America too because were well marketed through all types of mass media.

Tobacco Cigarettes

Cigarettes and dry tobacco

Prices of European Cigarettes

European made cigarettes can be expensive to a degree, but not as expensive as American made cigarettes. It is due to the fact that European made cigarettes are looked upon as manufactured to the highest quality. Branding and promotion also goes a long way, after what cigarette and tobacco brands are well recognised and demanded all over the world.

Comparison of Prices

We have researched in more online websites and want to show how European made cigarette prices are different in prices from their counterpart cigarettes made in other parts of the world. Prices of cigarettes sold in shops are not cheap at all, these prices are without taxes and duties that have been paid on cigarettes you see in shops.

Winston (European Cigarettes) – $15- $20 per carton
Winston (American version) – $23- $31 per carton

The online industry for European cigarettes has boosted the recognition and demand for European cigarettes abroad. European cigarette brands are becoming more and more popular not only among U.S. smokers but among smokers worldwide. Many smokers in the area are opting to use the internet as their supply for cigarettes, thus, ordering cigarettes online. There is a great price difference when ordering European cigarettes because of the avoidance of taxation and duties, making the demand for European cigarettes increase because there are more and more smokers willing to order cigarettes in from abroad.

Just some of the smokers are aware that besides brands produced in the United States and known to them, there are many great brands manufactured in the European Union only.

You can find cigarette brands, made in Europe, that are of an outstanding quality and can be bought online from our cigarettes and tobacco store.

Tobacco and Cigarettes of European origin

Tobacco from Europe has a different taste than the American blend, for example. This is due to the fact that there are many cultures of people in Europe, meaning a variety of tobacco types. German, Swiss, Turkish, Greek, and Bulgarian tobacco are just a few of the numerous types manufactured in Europe and attracting smokers all over the globe.

Popular brands of cigarettes like Davidoff, Kent, Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Kool, Monte Carlo, Bond, Red&White are all well established European brands. Althouth some smokers worry whether it is safe to purchase European cigarettes, it’s difficult to tell what are the discrepancies between Western European manufactured cigarettes and Eastern European cigarettes. The packaging of these cigarettes can be closely similar and sometimes it is quite difficult for smokers buying these brands online.

Generally speaking, European made cigarettes are of a high quality in the current cigarettes market. People are searching and buying European cigarettes all over the world, and online sale figures show that European brands of cigarettes and tobacco have a strong popularity among smokers.

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