Drunk uses cigarette packet to phone friend

A Russian drunk driverpulled over by police was so intoxicated he tried to make a phone call with a cigarette packet.

Moscow police stopped the car the man was driving after they noticed him driving erratically through the streets.

Video of the stop shows police struggling not to laugh as the man tries to speak to someone using his hand while stumbling about the car.

Russian drunk called friend with cigarette packet

Russian drunk called friend with cigarette packet

Eventually he fumbles about himself and pulls out a packet of cigarettes, which he proceeds to speak into.

The video shows one of the police officers turning away from the young driver in an effort to stop himself from laughing.

The driver attempts to call a friend on the cigarette packet and ask if his father is “on duty”, The Sun reports.

“Just deal with the situation,” he says before hanging up the cigarettes.

He denied he was drunk.

“Well, we were driving and we were almost there and now here we are,” the driver says in the video.

He then sits down in the police car and passes out on an officer’s shoulder.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the clip on video sharing websites.

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