Decline in Cigarettes Use among Youth in Minnesota

Smoking Students

Latest 2014 Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey shows that use of cigarettes among school students has declined significantly, but use of e-cigarettes is increased. Data shows that more than a quarter of high school students have tried electronic cigarettes.

Health care officials say that e-cigarettes contain nicotine which causes dependence. This may make young people want to try tobacco products.

The survey shows that the rate of high school students who smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days dropped to 10.6% in 2014. That compares to 18.1% in 2011.

Minnesota Commissioner of Health Ed Ehlinger is happy with these numbers and says this is a great progress which occured due to state efforts to fight smoking among youth. He told that high prices on cigarettes made smoking unaffordable for teens. Also tight regulations work great here such as the requirement to sell tobacco products behind the counter.

However, bad news is that e-cigarettes are popular among young people. In the course of the survey they were asked if they had ever used these divices which were introduced in 2007 to the USA market. It turned out that 28% of high school students have tried an e-cigarette, and 12.9% of students had used one in the past 30 days.  E-cigarettes appeared in Minnesota several years ago and since then around 90,000 students have tried them.

16-year-old Cornelia from Minneapolis South High School considers that teens like e-cigarettes because their use can hardly be detected by parents. E-cigarettes are not regulated, thus these devices are being widely used by young people, even on tootball games. Tenns cannot buy tobacco cigarettes but they may buy electronic ones and most frequently they do this from websites or older students. It is easier than it seems.

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