Corn Cigarettes Do Not Cause Cancer

According to official figures, an average of 145 people dies from diseases caused by tobacco every day in Mexico. There are more than 27 million smoking people in the country.

Researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico intend to change tobacco leaves with corn leaves in the manufacture of cigarettes. In such a way, they plan to do away with products that cause lung cancer in heavy smokers. New material will help solve many problems associated with smoking, and most importantly, reduce the level of morbidity of lung cancer among active and passive smokers.

cigarettes with filter

cigarettes with filter

Manuel Aguilar, the project leader, believes that the new raw material will be able to help not to develop tobacco-related diseases at smoking people. According to Aguilar, an expert in the field of biotechnology, he is a strong supporter of “corn cigarettes”. The more especially as pre-Columbian tribes, inhabiting the territory of today’s Mexico, smoked exactly such corn cigarettes. Until now, in the state of Puebla, some communities of the Indians roll leaves of one-year herbage plants, which are growing close to their houses, when they want to smoke.

Undertaken studies have given encouraging results: the new cigarette packs are likely to not have the cautionary warning as “smoking is dangerous to your health” because they do not contain nicotine, causing dependence on tobacco. However, according to scientists from the National Polytechnic Institute many other properties of corn smoke have to be studied in more details. In the near future it is expected to carry out evaluation operations of substances released during the burning of leaves of corn, as well as toxicological and clinical observations to determine their effect on the human body.

Similar experiments are conducted at the institute during only 3 months, but substantial experiments will require more than one year. According to Aguilar, this is the only way to get safe products, suitable for mass production and consumption. He clarified that the new cigarettes are invented to reduce the deleterious effect of smoking on the human body rather than to attract new smokers. If the production comes in the market, smokers will be able not to quit their favorite habit, but just to make it safer for themselves and others. Nevertheless, he does not exclude the fact that there will be many people who want to try new “forbidden fruit”. Information Telegraph Agency of Russia reports that new corn cigarettes will be nice to the taste due to the addition of peppermint or canella.

It will be remembered that the first cigarettes were invented by the Indians. They began to wrap tobacco in the straw, cane and corn leaves.

According to the World Health Organization, nowadays 1.3 billion people are dependent on tobacco products.

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