Commr. Pushing For Smoke-Free Public Places

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando leader is pushing for more public places in the city to be smoke-free. Supporters of the plan said they’re trying to protect children.

WFTV learned that it is a joint effort between the city and the Orange County Health Department to keep smoking out of public parks.



Each year, officials said more than 56,000 Americans die from second-hand smoke. They said 27 of them live in Orlando, and because of that, some city leaders are working to eliminate smoking at public places in the city.

“We’re talking about parks, schools and universities,”

said Dain Weister of the Orange County Health Department.

City Commissioner Sam Ings will introduce a resolution to the city council on Monday. But because it’s a resolution, even if it’s passed, it will not mean an outright ban on smoking in public places. It will simply give the city the power to urge residents not to smoke.

Last month, the health department started airing dramatic commercials to raise awareness about their cause.
“It’s supposed to get peoples attention, get them talking,” said Weister.

And while some think the action will help, WFTV spoke with some residents, including a smoker, who are not behind it.

“It’s going a little too far,” said smoker Ajay Tyagi.

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