College District to Ban Smoking on Campus


Coast Community College District wants to introduce smoking ban at its three campuses and asks its students and college staff for theirr opinion on the subject. The smoking ban to be voted in spring 2014 and it would touch such colleges as Golden West in Huntington Beach, Orange Coast in Costa Mesa and Coastline, which has campuses in Fountain Valley and Newport Beach.

These days, smoking is banned in OCC and Coastline within 20 feet of a building entrance or window. Andreea Serban, vice chancellor of educational services and technology, said that in 2007 smoking was prohibited in Golden West in all zones of campus except parking lots, The smoking policy of the district would ban not only use of tobacco but also e-cigarettes.

Trustees received a warning from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and after that they began to review board procedures.

While district staff is working over a new smoking policy, trustees asked first to find out opinion of students. Trustee David Grant says that it is very important to know what students say about it and their opinion should be taken into consideration.

Andreea Serban, vice chancellor of educational services and technology, says that the board should delay making decisions, especially until they have decided how to implement the ban if it is approved.  He thinks that if you place No-smoking signs at  Orange Coast campus, people would accept it.

However, at the moment people smoke by buildings or may sit down next to you and smoke a cigarette. So it is very important to introduce smoking policy on campus.
Coast is not the first community college district in Orange County tp introduce a smoking ban.  Different smoking policies do already exist at Orange’s Santiago Canyon College, Santa Ana College and Fullerton College.

However, smokers are against smoking ban at campus. They do understand that secondhand smoke is harmful for people therfore the ban must be comprehensive.

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