City to hold hearing on possible smoking ban

Smoking is still a hot topic in Alabama and the nation.

Some cities including Saraland have already banned smoking in public places, including restaurants, bars, and parks.

Mobile could be the next city to follow suit. City leaders are asking for input on a possible ban on smoking in Mobile.



“To be fair I think in a park it may be alright, because people can’t absorb so much smoke in a park, because it’s outdoors where air is blowing, and oxygen is there, but in some enclosed places yes. I would ban that for sure,” Judy Wells said.

“I do understand that it is hazardous to other peoples health, but I figure like in a wide open space it shouldn’t be so dangerous, and I’m a smoker, so of course, I’m against it,” Pamela Stegall said.

Many restaurants in downtown Mobile have already banned smoking. The manager at one business who said she’s a smoker told FOX10 News there hasn’t been a problem.

That’s the same thing we heard right after the Mobile Health Department started new regulations banning smoking in restaurants back in October.

Under the current regulations restaurants that do allow smoking could lose four points on their health score.

The city has not determine what direction it will take on a possible smoking ban. That will be based on the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.

The public meeting is set for 1 p.m. Tuesday at Government Plaza. If you sign up to speak, you’ll have three minutes to voice your opinion.

City to hold hearing on possible smoking ban:

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