1,200 boxes of cigarettes found in Mercedes car at Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint

Some 24,000 pieces or 1,200 boxes of smuggled cigarettes have been seized from a Mercedes car with Romanian registration during a check at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint, the press office of the National Customs Agency informed.

The vehicle was travelling from Turkey to Romania through Bulgaria during the night.

Plain package of cigarettes

Plain package of cigarettes

The driver and his companion said they have nothing to declare before the customs. However, during a thorough check, authorities found contraband cigarettes put in specially designed secret compartments in the vehicle, and more precisely in the engine, the back seat and the place where the spare tire stays.

All cigarettes lack the required excise stamp.

Customs authorities have drawn a statement for violation under the Customs Act to a 23-year-old Romanian national.

Another cigarette smuggling attempt has been foiled at the checkpoint later on. Some 1,680 pieces or 84 boxes of cigarettes without excise stamp have been found in the spare tyre of a Ford car with Bulgarian registration, travelling from Turkey to Bulgaria.

A statement of customs violation has been drawn against 28-tear-old Bulgarian woman.

Meanwhile, three cigarette smuggling attempts have been foiled at the Lesovo customs checkpoint. The cigarettes were found in cars with Bulgarian registration coming from Turkey.

Authorities have seized 4,780 pieces or 239 boxes of contraband cigarettes of different cigarette brands.

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