Cigarettes and Stress


People who think that smoking relieves them from stress are mistaken. A new research was made on the subject.

It found that quitting smoking has same effects on the depression and anxiety as antidepressants do. Experts say that effects on quitting are even greater than from using medicines.

The researchers from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford, and King’s College London, examined 26 studies and found that people who quit smoking had a great drop in depression, anxiety and stress.

According to researchers, quitting smoking is connected with reduced anxiety, depression and stress and improved positive mood and quality of life in comparison with continuing to smoke.

In studies participated 44-years-old people who smoked around 20 cigarettes daily and were examined for an average of 6 months. The findings are very useful for doctors who treat mental disorders as they should provide smoking cessation advuce for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Though a lot of smokers want to quit, many of them continue to smoke because they believe that smoking provides them with mental health benefits.  Regular smokers say smoking cigarettes imroves emotional problems, relieves from depression, anxiety and stress, stabilises mood.

The author of the study Gemma Taylor, the University of Birmingham said that it is  encouraging greatly to show that quitting smoking helps to improve mental health.

Generally, over the last 40 years smoking rates have declined significantly, but among people with mental disorders the situation is the same. The main reason for that is that people do believe that quitting will worsen their mental health.  Researchers claim that this is nothing but a myth.

It was estimated that almost 50% of all cigarettes sold in England annually are smoked by people with mental disorders, therefore latest research is expected to change the situation.

People suffering from menthal disorders do often smoke cigarettes in order to relax when they feel nervous, but they should know that smoking only worsens their condition.

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