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Cigarette Pack

What do the figures mean?

The figures like “100’s” and “120’s” mean the length of the cigarettes in millimeters.

What is the difference between menthol and non-menthol cigarettes?

Menthol cigarettes are cigarettes flavored with the compound menthol, a substance which triggers the cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without actually providing a drop in temperature. The other type of cigarettes is called ‘non-menthol’ or usually known as regular. Menthol cigarettes have principal non-tobacco filler that makes these cigarette taste minty. Usually, people, who smoke menthol cigarettes, do not enjoy smoking regular ones.

Menthol, Regular… is there anything else?

One more major flavor is Clove. So, as it appeared it can be as well mixed with tobacco! Some brands are especially strong. Djarium Black should be smoked in a suitable, nice place while sitting in a comfortable sofa and not while driving or walking.

What else?

There are a lot of cigarette with various flavors. The most popular and wide spread flavors are cherry, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and apple. The Kiss cigarette brand is one of the most brands that has cigarette with many different flavors.

Does filter/non-filter make a difference?

Of course! Non-filter cigarettes are sold in short soft packs and do not have a filter. That is why a smoker can light up even a non-filter cigarette end. Non-filter cigarettes differ very much from filter cigarettes. A smoking experience is completely different. It is very easy to inhale the smoke from a non-filter cigarette. However, the amount of smoke a smoker inhales is much higher. If you are start smoking – DO NOT use non-filter cigarettes. It would be better to smoke filtered cigarettes. Tar and nicotine levels in non-filtered cigarettes are 30-45 percent higher than their filter counterparts.

What about Lights, Mediums, Ultra Lights cigarettes?

Tar and nicotine levels are the lowest in Ultra lights cigarettes. Lights, Mediums, Ultra Lights cigarettes have a filter. Lights usually have 50-70 percent the level of nicotine, Ultras have about 30%.

Why Lights cigarettes?

Some people consider “full flavored” cigarettes to be unpleasant on taste. Others enjoy such cigarettes. Most of people smoke Lights cigarettes in order to regulate the smoke inhaled. Light cigarettes are mostly popular among women or first-time smokers.

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