Cigarette Smokers Rise

Cigarette use started to increase since James Bonsack created the first cigarette rolling machine in 1881. There has also been a rise in the ravaging effects of smoking. According to several studies all forms of tobacco are addictive and deadly, however smokers number rise every year.

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Scientific finding also affirms that smokers face a very high risk of death from many cancers, respiratory diseases, stroke and many other fatal infections. In general tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals in the form of particles and gases.

According to researchers, if the current smoking continues to rise, six million people worldwide will be dying from tobacco related diseases yearly by the year 2010. That is means that China will lead the death chart, because about 350 million of China’s populations smoke. In general, for every three cigarettes light worldwide, one is smoked in China.

The fight against smoking started especially when researchers found its harmful effects.

For example many countries around the world have enacted legislations to decrease deaths arising from smoking. Unfortunately many developing countries, especially those in Africa, are yet to take any meaningful methods to protect their citizens against this deadly trend.

Statistics show that nearly 90% of Africans do not have any protection against second-hand smoking, a phenomenon many countries in the world are vigorously fighting.

Scientists found that not only smoking is harmful but also its smoke, second-hand smoking or passive smoking which simply means inhaling other people’s tobacco smoke.

Research has shown that in countries where there are enforceable ban on smoking in public places, cancers and other heart infections have significantly decreased.

A recent research led by Dr. James Lightwood of the University of California found that heart attack rates through Europe and North America dropped by 36% three years after the anti-smoking laws were implemented.

Another study conducted in the United Kingdom found that heart attack rates in that country decreased by 10% a year after the ban on smoking in public places in 2007.

But unfortunately in Ghana, all persons, especially children, are exposed to tobacco smoke because there are no laws prohibiting people from smoking anywhere they choose. There people smoke in drinking spots, restaurants, hotels, lorry stations, in vehicles and sometimes at work places.

In general smokers from Ghana think it is their constitutional right to smoke and where they choose to do that is no one’s business provided the substance is not illegal.

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