Cigar smoking at Masters still in fashion

Smoking Cigar

When Mark Hazel­­wood passed by Aug­usta National Golf Club, he reached a cigar and lit it up, he felt ill at ease at that time.

Hazelwood, form Knoxville, Tenn, is a cigar lover during 30 years. He said that golf and cigars are things that are considered to be interrelated and people smoke cigars in the open air during a golf session.

Smoking Cigar

Cigar smoking during a golf session

Over a number of years cigars have been an integral element of golf culture, but as the years go by, this tradition had experienced some changes.

Hazelwood added that he was smoking cigars at any time – and when they were cool and then now that they’re not.

Renee Howell, of North Aug­usta, who isn’t a lover of cigars, said that cigars smoking peak was in the 1990s. She added that in the past decade cigar smoking has become no as vogue as a shame grows on smoking.

Howell said that in the ’90s cigars were was very fashionable. Cigar smoking is a nationwide thing where it is part of the golf and being a man.

Marcella Perez, the owner of Marcella’s Fine Cigars in Augusta and Aiken, told that people still smoke cigars during the golf even though they become less fashionable.

She said cigar smoking peak was in the middle of 1990s when Cigar Aficionado magazine began to put celebrities on the covers. Since then, cigars have become less stylish, but are still a part of golf.

Perez said today smoking outdoor is allowed and that is why golf and cigars still go together.

Jon Yapo, 33, of Orlando, Fla., said that every time he plays golf he smokes a cigar. He likes the smell and the texture of a cigar.

He said that not every visitors of the club agree cigar smoking there and that is why when he goes to the Masters, he takes the cigar in his mouth all day but never lights up.

Yapo said that he likes the process of cigar smoking, but sometimes it bothers people he does not light it up. He added that earlier most men smoke cigars and it did not bother non-smokers.

Steve Cusick, at the age of 27, said there is a way to continue the tradition of golf and cigars. He said that when his family celebrates some events, they surely smoke cigars.

He said that he loves cigars and will continue enjoying smoking.

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