Chinese Passengers Smoked in Airplane Despite Ban

China United Airlines

Recently a group of passengers told that they were on-lookers of a case when a budget airline did not stop passengers from smoking their cigarettes during a flight.

The talk is about passengers from China United Airlines (CUA) flight 5216 who told they saw people smoking cigarettes in the toilet during the flight from Chengdu to Beijing.

The airplane was forced to ground at Taiyuan due to thunderstorms, but despite ban people smoked on the steps of the plane and outside it when the plane was on the ground.

Normally, passengers must undergo a security check before re-boarding the plane in order to ensure safety during flight, but this time there was made no such a procedure as plane crew said there is no necessity for it.

However, despite passengers claims, CUA representatives told that when people started smoking, plane crew asked them immediately to stop and confiscated their cigarettes and matches. But the passengers say that the crew did nothing to ensure their safety during flight. Smoking on airplane represents a fire risk, therefore is prohibited.

Generally, cigarettes and matches should not be brought to cabin and they could be confiscated in case security check took place in Taiyuan. In past there were cases when smoking in toilets on the plane caused fires on planes.

The airline told that the case is being investigated and in case plane crew will be found guilty it will suffer a penalty.

Xu Ke, an aviation safety expert, told that it is impossible to detect matches during safety check, especially if they are without boxes. Here is needed an advanced technology to detect it.

Chinese law imposes a fine of 200 yuan for smoking in a plane.

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