Children in the UK Call for Smoke-Free Footpaths


In the UK smoking is prohibited in most public places including concert halls, pubs and parts of sports grounds. Now kids want smoking to be banned on the footpaths they use to get to school.

Pupils from Yeo Moor Primary School in Clevedon are discussing with authoroties and teachers the possibility to introduce a bylaw which would prevent people from lighting up cigarettes on paths around their school.

The school is located at Kennaway and many pupils go to school using footpaths from Somerton Road and Central Way. They say they are forced to inhale tobacco smoke from people who are also walking along the path.

In case bylaw will be introduced, it would only be applicable at the beginning and end of the school day when pupils are using the footpaths to go to and from their school.  Kids also want to ask to make parks and recreation areas smoke free.

It was Yeo Moor Primary’s school council who raised the question about smoking on  footpaths. It was discussed last week on a special meeting with Clevedon Town Council which took place last week. Now the Council is going to discuss the issue with pupils, teachers and governors.

The new Sustainable Communities Act allows town councils to apply changes in the law requested by the community.

Luke Dewberry, a pupil aged 9, said that he is forced to breathe tobacco smoke and it makes his clothes smell. To his opinion, it would be nice to make people stop smoking at footpaths, it would help them lead a healthier life.

School governor Barbara Symes told that the idea which comes from children is perfect one. Kids want to breathe fresh air and she hopes that their voice will be heard by the authorities.

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