Casual smokers

Regular and heavy smokers tends to envy casual smokers. Why? Because they have the wrong concept about the casual smokers can control when to smoke. The only smoke when they want to do it. Sounds pretty good. Does it? NO. It does not sound good nor is even true. The truth is that casual smokers can be divided in some big groups:

Casual smoker

Casual smoker

  • Smoker who doesn’t inhale the smoke.
  • They are not hooked into the nicotine addiction because they are not inhalating it (except for the environmental smoke, not strong enough to feel the itch for nicotine). They may be not risking theirs lungs but don’t get decepted: this smoking way is not safe. There is also nothing to envy. There is not an itch to relieve so if this kind of smoker want to have the hands occupied, it could be better, cheaper and safer to have a pencil in their hands.

  • Beginning smokers. Remember: you were also a casual smoker and got caught in the trap. You were yesterday like them. Tomorrow they may be regular smokers like you (I have seen this in some friends of mine too many times.
  • Lying smokers. They smoke more that they publicly admit.
  • Self-controlling smokers.
  • This is maybe the most envied group by the heavy smokers but, surprisingly, the could be the most suffering group of all. They smoke only when they want to do it… or at least they think so. But don’t envy them. Just feel sorry about this pathetic smokers who have to do a strong effort to control their addiction and remember that smoking is not a pleasure you really enjoy nor a pleasure you can have when you want, is a false pleasure and a drug addiction. Remember that you smoke to fell like you felt when you were a non-smoker. As simple as this. No more, no less.

    Now you met the casual smokers and undestood that you have nothing to envy them. You are ready to prepare the road for your great objetive. Let’s see what you can do to assure your victory over tobacco addiction the days before quitting smoking.

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