Canada politician wants to torpedo Sheen’s smoking

Charlie Sheen, whose well-publicized list of bad habits includes smoking, is being offered a hand in kicking the tobacco habit by an Ontario cabinet minister, media reports said on Thursday.

Charlie Seen

Charlie Seen

Ontario Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best said she was personally willing to give Sheen a hand in quitting smoking while he’s in Toronto on Thursday for his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option” show.

She also pointed out that health inspectors would be in the city’s Massey Hall venue to make sure Sheen doesn’t violate a provincial law prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces, the Canadian Press reported.

“I would encourage him, given that he is a smoker, to call our hotline and to try and quit smoking for his own health,” the news service quoted the minister saying.

“You know, he can give me a call. I’ll certainly direct him how to get the help that he needs,” Best said.

Sheen, whose assertion that he is always “winning, duh” has become a pop catchphrase, created the stage act — a disorganized group of sketches, monologues and videos — to prove to detractors that after months of drug and alcohol rehab, an assault on his ex-wife and probation, he was still in shape to work.

The show has mostly received poor reviews so far in appearances in Detroit, Chicago, New York and elsewhere.

The makers of the series denied on Thursday they were in talks to rehire the actor.

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