Camel – Marlboro – Winston Lighters

Camel Promotional Lighters

Over the years there have been various camel lighters designs meant to advertise the brand of cigarettes. The enthusiasts for this cigarettes brand have shown quite an interest in using smoking accessories that relate to their favorite brand.

Camel Flip

Camel Flip lighter

Camel cigarettes were introduced in 1913 by RJR. Over the years Camel has introduced MANY promotional cigarette lighters. For the most part, the Camel/Zippo lighters won’t be covered because they will have the Zippo dating system in use and dates can easily be determined through that.

Some of these lighters, such as the Slide Sleeve lighter, are of exceptionally good quality; the Slede Sleeve, for example, is built like a Sherman tank and quire heavy – much heavier than the original lighters it was modeled on.

The designs for the camel lighters came from Camel inc. itself. The first time all of these designs appeared in one place was back in the 90s in a catalogue named “The Brian Sipes Camel Guides”.

From this point on, there have been a lot of publications based on this one to summarize each of the camel lighters by their production date.

The enthusiasts for this cigarettes brand have shown quite an interest in using smoking accessories that relate to their favorite brand.

Marlboro Promotional Lighter

Marlboro brass lighter is small only 2 1/2″ by 3/4″ wide and is flat. It is made of brass and its small size makes it easy to carry.

Marlboro No. 6 lighter

Marlboro No. 6 Brass Slip Lighter

This petrol and flint, brass lighter was a promotional giveaway with the purchase of cigarettes. c. 1991.

Marlboro is the largest selling cigarette brand and was launched by Phillip Morris as a woman’s cigarette based on the slogan “Mild as May” in 1924. It even had a red band on the filter to disguise lipstick stains! It was repositioned in the 1950s as a men’s cigarette. Many promotional lighters have been made using the Marlboro brand.

Marlboro No. 6 Brass Slip Lighter adds good looks, toughness and value.

Marlboro wanted to develop a special edition cigarette pack with a unique flip-top lid design, similar to that of a chrome cigarette lighter. Brushfoil was chosen to produce a brushed silver film which was then spot printed and embossed, adding a touch of luxury to the packaging for the world-leading Marlboro brand.

Philip Morris moves away from the traditional “Marlboro Man” style design and did a total facelift to
repackage Marlboro as an elegant and sleek cigarette.

Winston Promotional Lighter

Winston No Bull

Winston No Bull cigarette lighter

Winstons were introduced by RJR in 1954, so there aren’t any terribly old Winston branded lighters. Since they’re from RJR, as are Camels, many of the same lighters appeared as promotions for both brands.

This Winston Lighter is of the wick sort of lighter that burns fluid and lights with a struck flint.

It emits a warm glow. An open-source animated flame ignites with “light” and extinguishes with “blow” in open chat.

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