Cal Poly students have idea to keep cigarette butts off beaches

A group of Cal Poly students are trying to keep cigarette butts off area beaches. The Surfrider club at Cal Poly is made up of about ten students who clean up beaches and creeks in San Luis Obispo County. After being frustrated by the amount of cigarette butts they’ve had to pick up, the club came up with an idea for a cigarette receptacle called, the Butt Biter.

Smoking On Beach

Woman in beachwear smoking a cigarette

Smoking is illegal on many area beaches but people still do it and the Surfrider club is hoping to get the Butt Biters installed so smokers will have a place to discard their cigarette’s. The receptacles are about two feet high and eight inches wide, a member of the Surfrider club designed them and made them out of metal. The cigarette butts would be discarded into an opening shaped like a sharks mouth. Surfrider Vice President Scott Doyle says the club would empty the receptacles once a week and wouldn’t charge the city for them.

“We don’t need to make money, it makes us feel good that were helping out the ocean. It gives us pleasure” says Doyle.

Doyle presented the idea for the Butt Biters to the Morro Bay City Council.
“Were just trying to get the right to install them, so we would install them and then we would just be maintaining them. So were just donating them to the city of Morro Bay” says Doyle.

Morro Bay City Council woman Carla Borchard says the council likes the idea of putting the cigarette receptacles on beaches and expects the Surfriders to get the go ahead to do so. The Surfriders hope Morro Bay would be just the start and the Butt Biters would go up on beaches around the county.

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