Bulgaria to Surely Introduce Full Smoking Ban This Time

Bulgaria will ban smoking in closed public spaces in the summer of 2012, the country’s Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov has declared.

There is enough political support in place for passing the necessary amendments, Konstantinov has told the local Darik radio.

Bulgaria’s cabinet recently issued an official proposal to introduce a full smoking ban for closed public areas on June 1, 2012.

The Health Minister stated that he was not bothered by the deputy head of the parliamentary commission on agriculture being against the full smoking ban, adding that he hoped to convince the MP to change his stance.

Such a measure was to be enforced in 2010, but was postponed by the government with the argument that it might harm the country’s tourism.

According to the latest data, approximately 39% of Bulgarians are smokers. Some 60% are said to be in favor of the introduction of a full smoking ban in closed public spaces.

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