Bollywood Stars Who Smoke: Bad Habits Die Hard

Bollywood movies are known to show some of their top actors smoking like a chimney, to make a distinct mark of a man.

However with a ban on such scenes some time back, there had been almost no show of the sinful stick in movies recently.

But that is for the reel life of our stars and for the real life stars who are prone to this habit, there are certainly quite long lists.



But the top five names that come to mind are certainly the popular Khans. There is the famous Khan brigade – Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman, Saif Ali and Fardeen who are all known for their fascination for the sinful stick.

Even though some are bold enough to go public with this habit and don’t bat an eyelid in taking a puff on and off, there are others who still find it a little embarrassing to get caught puffing in public and stick to making themselves comfortable with the stick only in their personal hangouts.

Many a times there have been reports about how each star has tried to kick off the habit but has not really been able to be lucky enough to get rid of the habit.

Well, with Bollywood stars that are prone to taking a puff in real life what can one say but bad habits die hard? Hope the stars are listening.

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