Bluffton to Ban Smoking at Kids Playgrounds

Smoking in Park

Today smoking in parks in the town of Bluffton, South Carolina, is legal. However, things may change soon, because town council members are considering a law that would prohibit use of tobacco in public parks.

In Bluffton, smoking is banned in all restaurants and now the ban is going to be expanded to more public spaces. Parents walking with their kids at Dubois Park playground in Old Town do not like that smokers may light up anytime anywhere here and sometimes they with kids are forced to breathe the tobacco smoke. No one can stop smoker from lighting up and parents are hoping for a change.

Heather Hughes, mother of two kids, considers that smoking should not be allowed behind kids playgrounds, because secondhand smoke affectes them much more than adults. In Dubois Park children are everywhere, they running around and playing. They should be protected from secondhand smoke in all parks. This idea is supported by most people in the town.

The Council and Lisa Sulka, Bluffton Mayor, received in August a lot of emails from citizens asking to ban smoking at kid’s playgrounds in parks.

The Mayor said that in Bluffton parks smoking will be banned only where there are playgrounds. Kids are mostly affected by tobacco smoke but they do not have a voice in that. The town Council took into consideration all complaints from residents and now they are working over the odinance.

First reading of smoking ban at playgrounds will take place in October.

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