Beijing in Top Smoke-Free Cities in China

smoking in China

A survey conducted in China shows that during past 12 months in Beijing there was significantly dropped number of smokers. Chinese Association on Tobacco Control made a poll in 800 colleges and universities. Today Beijing ranks number two in list of smoke-free cities while in 2011 it ranked number 23.

Xu Guihua, deputy director of the association, said that smoke-free environments in  universities and colleges played a big role in smoking rate decrease. During the survey there was examined the number of people actually lighting up, number of butts and ashtrays, anti-smoking signs in the area.

The survey discovered that during past two years there was reduced tobacco use among Chinese.  It found that 194  universities and colleges (25%) have introduced tobacco-free campuses. In 2012 only 139 of 800 colleges and universities reached this standard while in 2011 it was just 16. The report showed that more smokers are found among students that study politics and sports, and less smokers among those who study languages and medicine.

Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai are top 3 cities with tobacco-free campuses, while Fujian, Hainan provinces and the Tibet autonomous region are in the end of list.   Association spokesman Suo Chao said that while some Chinese provinces and cities have reached excellent improvement in getting tobacco off campuses, cigarettes are still popular in other areas.

Cigarette butts were found in 67.88% of colleges – this is a reduction by 5.32% decrease from 2011.All universities and colleges are equipped with anti-smoking signs, however, only 56.5% displayed these signs in 2011.

Anti-tobacco ads were found during the survey this year. In 2012, 1.75% showed ads and 2.4% in 2011.  Young people aged 18 to 21 were most likely to start smoking cigarettes, There are 300 million smokers in China and 740 million people who are exposed to secondhand smoke.

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