“Be Marlboro” Campaign Aimed at Youth?

Be Marlboro Ads

Recently BBC released a new documentary movie called ” The Seduction of Smoking” , in which it says that Philip Morris International created a marketing campaign for its Marlboro cigarettes to target young people. The talk is about “Be Marlboro” ad campaign which is proved to be aimed particularly at youth.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids along with other public health groups made a report which was released in March 2014. It reflects the results of the research on how the “Be Marlboro” ads uses themes and images which attract young people.

“Be Marlboro” ads was shown in more than 50 countries worldwide despite being prohibited by a German court for targeting teenagers.  The new documentary movie by BBC says that the “Be Marlboro” campaign is a perfect example of how tobacco companies use beautiful and interesting ads to attract young people to their tobacco production. That is the reason why smoking rates among young people remain extremely high in many countries of the world.

Examining “Be Marlboro” ads, the BBC movie concludes that without any doubt young people are main target of the marketing campaign. However, Philip Morris denies that and claims the main target of the campaign are adult people. The ads is about freedom, sex and adventure which people may get if they choose to smoke Marlboro.

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