Systematic Anti-Smoking Campaign is Needed

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai’s declared that smokers can no longer smoke their favorite smoking brand in workplaces with a no air-conditioning system. This new regulation supposes also to help many smokers to quit smoking.

There is justly a need for such anti-smoking legislations to be enforced to all workplaces, public places and even in all commercial establishments whether air-conditioned or not. As it is know inhaling cigarettes smoke is very harmful and a very unpleasant experience.

Anti smoking campaign in Japan

Approximately all smokers are between 15 and 55 years of age. So, the majority of youth and working population like to enjoy the smoking brakes. But more worrying is the horrible fact that 13 years children also smoke cigarettes.

A recent study found that a sharp rise in women and girls taking up smoking. Statistics show that approximately 20% of women and girls smoke from the almost 1.2 billion worldwide smokers.

In general most of smokers start their smoking habit when they are young and are of course aware about smoking bad effects, and their only goal is to show in this way signs of maturity.

But children whose parents or siblings smoke are around three times more attractive to smoke than other children.

Researchers also discovered that most of the world’s smokers – almost a billion out of an approximately 1.2 billion – live in developing and middle income countries like ours.

A lot of studies showed that tobacco is the second main cause of death in the world, accounting for one in every 10 deaths. The World Health Organization foretells global deaths due to smoking-related disease will approximately double by 2020, to nine million, with more than three-quarters of them in the developing world.
But recently, the World No Tobacco Day observed that is need for a systematic ongoing anti-smoking public campaign, numerous uses of all forms of media for this goal and awareness creation, especially in all educational establishments.

Researchers concluded that in countries where smoking is free, approximately all smokers begin before age 18 years. In general young people are thus an important focus for action. Vogues in smoking among young people follow those in adults. Men take up smoking first, and boys follow them. Women are next, and then girls follow them.

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